Agriculture & Forestry

„Dood“ – Your Agricultural Helper

Enrico Abbati „Dood“ is an autonomous agricultural machine that is capable of performing routine operations without human involvement. The machine has GNSS positioning for path recognition and is scheduling the…

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Xylene – Boosting Trust in Timber

Giuseppe Benenati Xylene revolutionises the way wood is offered on the market. Based on a user-friendly process, the concept is to document every step of the wood supply chain, from…

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Galileo Masters Winner Bavaria / Germany 2018

Acrai – Non-Chemical Weed Removal for Agriculture

  Andreas Plieninger, Laurenz Altenmüller, Moritz Mangold Acrai’s  vision is to make agriculture more sustainable and efficient. It builds autonomous robots for the detection, localisation, and automatic removal of plants,…

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Poland Winner 2017

Zukbot – The Autonomous Agricultural Robot

Mateusz Olszewski The purpose of Zukbot, the autonomous agricultural robot, is to meet the growing need for automation in agriculture. Here, the contributing factors include the increasing price of human…

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Olivier Desenfans, Marc Pollina To feed an additional two billion people by 2030, water needs to be used more efficiently. Agriculture is the biggest water consumer, accounting for around 70%…

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