Authentication & Timing


Takuji Ebinuma, Hitomi Inaba, Kounosuke Kataoka, Shungo Shinohara, Hideki Yamada GPS and other navigation satellite systems are widely used for positioning and navigation applications, but they also play a very…

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Dr Antonio Pujante Cuadrupani TIMEWISE is an elegant and effective method and technology to authenticate time references obtained from GNSS systems. TIMEWISE validates GNSS signals by creating a unique US4D…

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Galileo GeoSeal

Klaus Rieck DESCRIPTION Galileo GeoSeal is an advanced geo-coded seal that uses a dynamic, anti-spoofing code guaranteed and verified by the Galileo GeoSeal Center to contain the spread of counterfeit…

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Robert A. Carter Description IPAYMO is a solution for electronic mobile (card) payment systems to better combat fraud and minimise abuse using innovative GNSS-derived security. Innovation Today’s financial services industry…

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