Location Based Services (LBS)


Ben Ayed, Ousama Mahjoub, Mehdi Ayadi, Ahmet Toprak Every day in the United States alone, over one million people “misplace” their vehicles and wander around frustrated, confused, and embarrassed. It’s…

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Lukas Narutis, Karolis Misiura, Sigitas Limontas HeroHelp will enable official emergency services to react to all kinds of accidents with unprecedented preparation and precision. There are number of issues that…

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Intelligent Cyclist Assistant (ICA)

Paul Liias Intelligent Cyclist Assistant (ICA) is an app that offers ideal cycling support to children and amateurs, as well as to professional cyclists during training and competition. It turns…

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christmas fair castle schoenbrunn, Vienna

BikeCityGuide – Bicycle Navigation

Daniel Kofler, Andreas Stückl, Dietmar Hofer, Alessandro Holler, Mihai Ghete, Marcin Bieda, Peter Fötsch, Matthias Esterl, Benedikt Hackauf, Bernadette Hofer, Ericka Angeles Garcia BikeCityGuide is the first smartphone navigation app…

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David Prentell, Luis-Daniel Alegría, Jens Dressler, Erik Collinder Vamos is a mobile application that combines the best of Facebook and Instagram in order to pry friends away from their screens…

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