Freighter Berthing for the Future

Dr Kutz Arrieta DESCRIPTION Port operations involve a considerable amount of time-consuming tasks and safety gaps. Information and notifications can be stored, connected through networks and synchronised in real time…

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Advanced Tracking System

Ivan Allevi and Giorgio Soldavini Description ATS is a complete platform that seeks to use different technologies to provide valid solutions to problems typical of the transport sector and, more…

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Galileo Postman

Gerhard Bernot DESCRIPTION At present postal deliveries are accomplished by employees. Employees are responsible for courier, express and postal services within their district. Routes and districts are assigned to individual…

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Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid, Spain

Electronic Seal for ISO Cargo Containers

Óscar Diáz The idea consists of designing and developing an active electronic seal for ISO cargo containers as an alternative solution to traditional mechanical seals by using RFID techniques linked…

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Galileo – optimized Timber Supply Chain

Anton Mayer Forests in Germany cover 30% of the surface and are highly  important for recreation, protection of soil, cleaning  of air and water and maintaining a balanced climate.How can…

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