Road & Traffic Management

Global Vehicle Traffic Monitoring System

Daniel Dobroszklanka DESCRIPTION The Global Vehicle Traffic Monitoring System (GVTMS) is a proactive monitoring system that helps to control traffic infractions, avoid traffic accidents, proactively detect potentially dangerous drivers, and…

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Real-World Vehicle Emission Profiles

Stef Kolman, Selene Kolman, Tomas van der Wansem, Bernard Veltien DESCRIPTION In Europe today, our passenger cars are the cause of 12% of man-made CO2, the main form of greenhouse…

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Wikitude Drive – Augmented Reality Navigation

Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis, Rainhard Findling, Nicola Radacher, Sebastian Höbarth, Andreas Hauser DESCRIPTION Wikitude Drive is the worlds first fully functional mobile Augmented Reality navigation system with global maps. It is a…

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