Smart Moving

Pothole Mapper

Marco Trucchi, Christophe Biondi Pothole Mapper is a service that provides liveupdated maps of road defects like potholes, cracks, and worn portions (along with their precise severity and position) thanks…

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Artificial Intelligence for Better Roads

Patrick Glaser Vialytics is a road condition assessment solution powered by a proprietary AI algorithm. It utilises image and vibrational data obtained from on-site municipal vehicles (like sweepers) that are…

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Polisensio – How Clean Is the Air We Breathe?

Razvan Suta Polisensio has developed a mobile urban air quality system for monitoring, data collection, analytics, and visualisation that is dedicated to (smart) cities and businesses. First, Polisensio installs its…

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Andalucia Winner 2017

Platform for GNSS/PNT/Intelligent Vehicle Systems

Angelica Valdivia, Dr Jeffrey Wallace, Dr Sara Kambouris, Dr Lukasz Bonenberg, Markus Löning Infinite Dimensions Integration S.L. is creating an intelligent navigation system package for buses supporting current and future…

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