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christmas fair castle schoenbrunn, Vienna

BikeCityGuide – Bicycle Navigation

Daniel Kofler, Andreas Stückl, Dietmar Hofer, Alessandro Holler, Mihai Ghete, Marcin Bieda, Peter Fötsch, Matthias Esterl, Benedikt Hackauf, Bernadette Hofer, Ericka Angeles Garcia BikeCityGuide is the first smartphone navigation app…

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Venkatraman Ramkumar NavRange is a GNSS-based golfing system which tracks & plots the speed, position, spin, bounce and flight of a ball in play. It then downloads all this information…

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Cardiac Power Monitoring (CPM)

Dr Volker Tank, Johannes Tank DESCRIPTION Self-determined physical activity at every age is one of the primary keys to achieving and maintaining overall physical and mental health. It minimises cardiovascular…

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SnowMate – Alpine Assistant

Erwin Marges, Stefan Zhelyazkov, Georgos Valaouras DESCRIPTION Among the many challenges of winter sports, avalanches still remain the most severe threat in the mountains. They take the lives of around…

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Avalanche Rescue Navigator – ARN

Wolfgang Inninger, Gerd Waizmann DESCRIPTION Today, avalanche victims are still located with techniques and searching methods that have been used for decades. Galileo offers the great opportunity to use a…

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GUIGO – GNSS – based GUIding GOggles

Frank Schubert, Christoph Abart, Jakob Jakobsen, Nagaraj Shivaramaiah, Stefan Kappeler DESCRIPTION Swimmers mostly want to swim laps in a pool for their training. In doing so, they can look at…

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