5th IAA Conference on University Satellite Missions and Cubesat Workshop

28 Jan '20 - 31 Jan '20 | Rome, Italy

The Conference offers technical sessions on launch opportunities for universities, ground segment operations, space debris, new perspectives in microsatellites application and several presentations dedicated to CubeSats missions, furthermore this year there will be also a dedicated topic on interplanetary missions especially to Mars.

It is a notable opportunity to interact with insiders and students of the Small Satellite Community, participating in such a specialized forum on the CubeSats domain.


The Conference will offer technical sessions on:

  • Space Mission Overview, Current and Future University Satellite Missions, Launch opportunities, Ground Segment and Station Networks, Space Debris;
  • New Perspectives in the Application of Microsatellites;
  • CubeSats Activities Overview, CubeSats Subsystems and Payloads, Interplanetary CubeSats Perspectives, PocketQubeSat Activities. Formation flight missions;
  • CubeSat on Mars perspectives.