Galileo Masters all winners


Since 2004 more than 11,500 innovators participated in the Galileo Masters. Many of the ideas submitted in previous years have been implemented and successfully launched into the market. Browse through the list and learn more about the successful winners of the previous years! You may set several filters.

Advanced Tracking System

Ivan Allevi and Giorgio Soldavini Description ATS is a complete platform that seeks to use different technologies to provide valid solutions to problems typical of the transport sector and, more...

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alcedo – the flying avalanche transceiver

Manuel Grauwiler, Dominic Gschwend, David Leuzinger, Martin Wyss, Luc Oth DESCRIPTION Alcedo is a lightweight mini-helicopter with four rotors. Combined with a state-of-the-art avalanche transceiver, alcedo searches autonomously for avalanche...

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Anti-Spoofing GNSS Receiver

Willem Folkers The idea comprises hardware and an operational concept. The hardware will contain a small module with an antenna, flash memory, a battery, an A/D converter, and an interface...

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Augmented Prague

Jirí Mikoláš, Šárka Sekorová, Darina Mikolášová, Jirí Sekora, Pavel Polanský Augmented Prague is an adventurous quiz game with elements of Augmented Reality. Through smartphones and tablets, a new dimension of...

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Avalanche Rescue Navigator – ARN

Wolfgang Inninger, Gerd Waizmann DESCRIPTION Today, avalanche victims are still located with techniques and searching methods that have been used for decades. Galileo offers the great opportunity to use a...

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BikeCityGuide – Bicycle Navigation

Daniel Kofler, Andreas Stückl, Dietmar Hofer, Alessandro Holler, Mihai Ghete, Marcin Bieda, Peter Fötsch, Matthias Esterl, Benedikt Hackauf, Bernadette Hofer, Ericka Angeles Garcia BikeCityGuide is the first smartphone navigation app...

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Lukas Narutis, Sigitas Limontas BMWare is a software platform that enables communication among pedestrians, automobiles, and emergency vehicles to minimise the danger of collision. All you need is a smartphone...

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Cardiac Arrest Alert and Localizer (CAAL)

Jakob Jakobsen, Sune Nordentoft Lauritsen, Michael Avngaard, Flemming Hansen DESCRIPTION The CAAL project addresses a significant societal problem: sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). More than 70% of all cases of SCA...

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Cardiac Power Monitoring (CPM)

Dr Volker Tank, Johannes Tank DESCRIPTION Self-determined physical activity at every age is one of the primary keys to achieving and maintaining overall physical and mental health. It minimises cardiovascular...

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