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GSA Space for our Planet Challenge

GSA is looking for solutions that use space data to help overcome climate change and environmental degradation, which are an existential threat to our children in Europe and worldwide.


Stay tuned! One of these finalists will become the GSA Space for our Planet Challenge winner!

Angsa Robotics – The Autonomous Trash Collection Robot
Minor rubbish left in grass and gravel areas is an ecological and economic problem. Since conventional sweeping machines designed for flat asphalted surfaces cannot be used, these areas still have to be cleaned manually. Angsa fundamentally changes the way grass and gravel are cleaned. Its core innovation lies in an artificial neural network architecture that can detect and localise individual objects based on video recordings. The individual objects are then removed selectively using a special suction technique. Angsa thus not only reduces the negative impact of rubbish on the environment; it also creates an economic benefit for its customers.
The Angsa solution targets a variety of use cases, including the cleaning of festival venues after events and the daily cleaning of parks and other green spaces.
Since the robot operates on open terrain using a few keypoints for orientation, localisation via GNSS is essential to its operation. The precision of this system is highly relevant to the robot’s area coverage: With better localisation, the robot can plan a more efficient path clean a given area more quickly.

Bilal Tariq

FieldScout: Easy and Affordable Precision Agriculture
The FieldScout app revolutionises the way farmers perceive precision agriculture by making it easy, accessible, and affordable.
FieldScout helps farmers make use of maps of their soil and crops based on satellite images. With this system, farmers have these images in the palm of their hand. Thanks to GNSS, they can also view themselves amid the vivid colours of satellite data and navigate to problem areas or other specific zones. Farmers can then save their field observations by making geotagged notes and photos.
With FieldScout, farmers can place their smartphone in their tractor’s dashboard mount while driving and visualise themselves and their spraying boom within a satellite image. They can take full control and manually adjust rates while moving across the satellite task map. In addition, FieldScout’s information can be offered through a service where farmers can simply order the satellite information they need right when they need it.

Tamme van der Wal

Real-Time Decisions for Offshore Wind
The potential of energy generated by offshore windfarms is higher than the entire world’s current energy needs. Hence, offshore wind is economically viable and could become a main source of electricity.
However, factors like high tides and wind speeds make the oceanic environment dangerous, and the construction, operation, and maintenance processes involved are very complex and challenging as a result. At present, the inaccuracies encountered in monitoring windfarms make planning and executing offshore operations expensive.
With this new solution based on Galileo data, it is possible to track individual wind turbine components with high temporal and spatial precision and conduct safer, well-planned maintenance operations. Its custom software will generate real-time insights from data delivered by sensors attached to these components.
Offshore wind energy is already a multi-billion-euro industry, and it is growing worldwide by about 30% each year. This product will help companies improve their offshore operations by facilitating smarter decisions, reducing costs, and increasing safety during maintenance.

Andreas Haselsteiner


Galileo/EGNOS signals are providing enhanced positioning and timing, which enables new applications of navigation signals for transport, farming, disaster management and energy on a global level. Copernicus offers information services based on Earth observation (EO) data and modelling for climate change, atmosphere, marine and land. Services based on such data should lead to more environmentally friendly living and decision-making, resulting in a healthier planet.

Participants are encouraged to submit solutions using Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus as key enablers to:

  • Support sustainable and smart mobility (EGNSS-enabled transport)
  • Contribute to the Farm to Fork strategy (Space for ‘’healthy food from a healthy planet’’, contributing to Europe’s climate change agenda, protecting the environment and preserving biodiversity)
  • Support zero-pollution ambition (satellite-based solutions for better monitoring, to prevent pollution from the air, water, soil and consumer products, and limit damage from floods or other natural hazards)
  • Build and renovate in an energy and resource efficient way (EGNSS for smart monitoring and tracking of the processes)

Prizes 2020

Cash Prize

Cash prize worth EUR 10.000
Extra EUR 10,000 Cash Prize if your concept gets selected as Galileo Masters 2020 Overall Winner
Additional Prize
Chance to win one of six tailored Galileo Incubation prizes worth up to EUR 62,000 each
Additional Prize


Submissions to the GSA Space for our Planet Challenge will be assessed using the following criteria:


Environmental and societal benefits along the entire value chains for market players, society and the planet


Innovative approach over existing technical solutions and commercial services


Use of European space programme data & services

Market potential

Considerable contribution to uptake in one of the various satellite downstream market segments

About the Partners

European GNSS Agency (GSA)

The European GNSS Agency (GSA), a European Union agency, is working with the European Commission on a range of activities aimed at helping European entrepreneurs and businesses – especially high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), research institutes and related networks – build their applications using the positioning, navigation and timing data delivered by Galileo and EGNOS.


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European GNSS Agency (GSA)


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