Baden-Württemberg / Germany

SAM – Smart Aerial Mapping

Due to the lack of precision farming technologies, farmers mostly spray their entire fields with herbicides even though weeds are only present in specific areas. This causes unnecessary costs and…

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Artificial Intelligence for Better Roads

Patrick Glaser Vialytics is a road condition assessment solution powered by a proprietary AI algorithm. It utilises image and vibrational data obtained from on-site municipal vehicles (like sweepers) that are…

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BaWue Winner 2017

Distributed Ground Station Network (DGSN)

Andreas Hornig, Sebastian Kühn, Alexandros Kazantzidis, Jay Krishna, Timm Eversmeyer Mini-satellites, laptop satellites, cubesats and other concepts reflect a new type of satellite: Cheap, easy to realise and easy to…

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Civil engineering 3D+ guide

Rainer Schrode, Ulrike Nohlen, Dr Alexander Beetz The civil engineering 3D+ guide developed by MTS defines data formats and digital construction processes from planning to billing in conjunction with the…

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