Tracking system for stolen bicycles

Daniel Isaksson Bicycles are stolen every day in cities all around the world, a fact which entails more administrative police work. Not to mention the problem it creates for people…

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DIY (Do It Yourself) GNSS kit

Joop van der Velden Currently, ready made products with GPS/Galileo technolgoy are not so well suited to study and experimentation because the hardware and software is “closed” and not accessible…

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TAGPS Transponder AGPS – EGNOS

Alessandro Barazzetti In the recent years, we have helped in the expansion diffuison of light aviation, in particular that of very light aircraft (VLA) and sport aviation. This growth is…

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VU Log

Georges Gallais  Is there any rational justification for driving a 100-horsepower (75KW) one-ton petrol-powered saloon carrying a single 70Kg person for a 20-minute urban trip? Whereas a light, silent, urban…

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