alcedo – the flying avalanche transceiver

Manuel Grauwiler, Dominic Gschwend, David Leuzinger, Martin Wyss, Luc Oth DESCRIPTION Alcedo is a lightweight mini-helicopter with four rotors. Combined with a state-of-the-art avalanche transceiver, alcedo searches autonomously for avalanche…

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ReMood – Connecting festival crowds

Ferdi de Bruijn, Teun Hoevenaars, Jon Reijneveld DESCRIPTION ReMood will enter the festival market with an innovative system that provides both attendees and organisers with previously unavailable location-based information streams….

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Czech Republic

DVB Disaster Monitor

Dr Jaroslav Jansa, Augustin Sobol, Filip Sobol, Kamil Knotek DESCRIPTION The goal of the project is to create an international system for monitoring emergency situations and implementing an information communication…

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Cardiac Arrest Alert and Localizer (CAAL)

Jakob Jakobsen, Sune Nordentoft Lauritsen, Michael Avngaard, Flemming Hansen DESCRIPTION The CAAL project addresses a significant societal problem: sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). More than 70% of all cases of SCA…

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