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Zoe Farrington, Andrew Richardson REALRIDER® is the first app that detects if a motorcyclist has had a crash and notifies the emergency services of the riders location. There are an…

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Shared Ahead – A Truck-Sharing System

Florin Banica, Andreea Diana Banica Shared Ahead is an intelligent, centralised logistics transport system that allows the use or sharing of free cargo space available in trucks, thus increasing productivity…

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Trailze – Complete Outdoors Experience

Ronen Bitan, Tal Lavi While urban navigation is now mainstream, nature, hiking, and biking trails still remain a challenge to most of the population. That’s because the navigation experience provided…

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112GPS.com – More accurate emergency calls

Aidan Flanagan, Colm Murphy 112GPS provides emergency services with accurate location coordinates for calls made from a mobile phone. The lack of accurate caller localisation presents a significant problem to…

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