Juraj Kisztner

4vision is a system that uses Kinect technology to identify the obstacles in the way of visually impaired people and navigate them around such hindrances. The underlying software was developed to be fast in identifying objects. The system thus provides real-time information about the positions and sizes of obstacles around the user. Its core component links Kinect to detection software, navigation software, and sound navigation. The navigation aspect deals with two situations: The first is classic navigation from a current position determined by GNSS and Points of Interest (POI). The second situation involves the user being unable to negotiate the obstacle and requesting an alternate route. The navigation then computes a different path. Since the aim is to adjust such outcomes to the needs of visually impaired people, all communications are handled using audible signals. The user, meanwhile, controls the whole system via a mobile application. The solution is focused on helping visually impaired people in unfamiliar environments. It can help to prevent unexpected situations and injuries and accelerate users’ movement, as well.