Mike Rhodes, Dr Eric Goodyer

Anaphylaxis, a condition that affects over 200 million people, arises from a severe allergic response to allergens like peanuts, insects, venom, or latex. A rapid injection of adrenaline is a proven initial remedy to this condition, but swift medical aid is essential as a follow-up to prevent a delayed reaction 8–12 hours later, which may also be life-threatening. AAA Alert is a GNSS-enabled combination of an adrenaline auto-injector and an alert device. The device automatically issues an alert to emergency services when the adrenaline injector is activated by the user. Medical personnel receive the location of the patient from the built-in GNSS locator. Moreover, this device is equipped with a mobile phone to ensure two-way communication between patients and emergency personnel. It also includes an integrated radio frequency beacon for precise localisation. By improving medical responses and services for anaphylactic patients, AAA Alert can reduce health service costs, as well. This technology is also scalable to other medical alert devices.