Accident Assessor – Car Accident Reporting Application

The car accident reporting application aims to assist in the aftermath of a traffic accident, by fusing digital photography and geo-positioning with access to secondary datasets to gather the required insurance documentation. Its primary purpose is to reduce stress on the unfortunate victims involved in traffic accidents. The mobile application guides the user through the process of obtaining a positioning fix, taking photographs of the licence plates of all vehicles involved, and other useful images, prompts the user for textual information on the other parties involved, and uploads the information for safekeeping.

The application helps users forward the information to their insurance company for initial assessment and can be used to help complete the accident report later in a more comfortable environment. Knowledge of the geolocation data will allow the weather and traffic conditions at the time and place of the accident to be gathered from historical data. Automatic number plate recognition can be used to confirm the make, model and colour of the vehicles involved.