Jirí Mikoláš, Šárka Sekorová, Darina Mikolášová, Jirí Sekora, Pavel Polanský

Augmented Prague is an adventurous quiz game with elements of Augmented Reality. Through smartphones and tablets, a new dimension of reality is being opened by this AR application. It displays 3D objects in the real world against the background of Prague’s Renaissance story in the time of Rudolf II. GNSS navigation is utilised as a tourist guide in the city’s mysterious and scenic Old Town. In the role of alchemists, tourists can explore the area and try to discover the stone of a wise man. Instead of being focused solely on foreign tourists with access to modern technologies, Augmented Prague caters for schools (history gameducation) and businesses (corporate marketing and team-building). Thanks to its multiplayer functionality, it can enable families, friends, and larger groups to play on one device. The app also allows for more freedom in tourism by offering the chance to choose your own path – no opening times or poor guides, just a new and exciting experience in a new city. Augmented Prague represents a first step toward creating a universal game platform for other cities that attract a large number of tourists. Augmented Cities will be an exciting way to discover new places.