Jon Sánchez Ugarte

BimOn! is a location-based Augmented Reality application that makes it possible to visualise 3D representations of buildings and their components in their exact positions on construction sites. It has been designed to serve every stakeholder in the construction sector, including architects, engineers, construction companies, real-estate developers, and facility managers. BimOn! is made possible by a combination of high-precision Galileo GNSS, location-based Augmented Reality, the hardware capabilities of current mobile devices, and a BIM (Building Information Modelling) / IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) open data model. BimOn! helps to improve the construction management process by facilitating decision making and enabling users to detect problems at early stages, which ultimately leads to significant savings of time and financial resources. It is offered as a web application that takes advantage of modern browser technologies like HTML5 and WebGL. The user just needs to upload an IFC/BIM model to a server; once he or she is on the construction site in question, the app will display an Augmented Reality image of the building.