Ladislav Bartuška

The main idea of the project proposal is to develop a multi-drone system which will be used primarily in the biological protection of airports, as well as in securing airports and their surroundings. The system consists of drones which cooperate to monitor bird activity at an airport, scare off birds using acoustic equipment, and monitor the airport’s security measures. The drones are programmed by software that uses the GNSS system to avoid collisions with other drones or other objects in a partially self-controlled system. The idea also includes establishing flying corridors for drones above an airport within the safe flight area. This idea facilitates the protection and safety of airports from a new point of view. While most current solutions for biological protection use a combination of active methods, the proposed method and its cooperative drones offer more advantages. The greatest benefit of the system lies in how it improves safety and security measures in air transportation by helping aircraft avoid collisions with birds and monitoring the security of airports and landing areas.