Dr Harald Skinnemoen, Magnus Vikstrøm, Mete Cakman, Ivan Milecevic, Dan Richard Isdahl-Eng

The world has only begun to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for critical civilian operations like search and rescue, security, and disaster management. Meanwhile, Galileo satellite navigation is essential to safe autopilot operations and reliable communication. BIRDEYE offers solutions needed to optimise missioncritical long-distance communication of images and video from UAVs over multiple satellite- and groundbased radio networks. Cellular networks have no 3D coverage maps that express signals as a function of height. Moreover, operations can take place where there is limited or no terrestrial coverage. BIRDEYE will thus use GNSS to ascertain and manage critical networking while providing novel visual communication solutions. BIRDEYE will also provide UAV pilots with GNSSrelated information on signal authenticity, jamming and spoofing, and phenomena that affect operations (such as solar storms). In addition, BIRDYE provides operational locations and maps them in an online portal to produce an overview of who is flying when and where. This also offers a means of communicating with pilots about flight management, awareness, and safety.