Paula Kelleher, James Mannix

Inspired by the need for alternative means of entertaining children on long car journeys, CarSafari is a unique way for passengers – both young and old – to interact with the locations and environments they travel through. Using a combination of current in-car entertainment and GNSS technologies, CarSafari will encourage interactivity with local landmarks and other geographical and historical features. As the car moves along a route, CarSafari will prompt passengers to react to points of interest determined by line-of-sight analysis and the vehicle’s horizontal and vertical position, thus providing users with information about their surroundings. CarSafari will overlay topographical base maps with geographic data that has already been accumulated by third parties. This is primarily an open source, and includes information that has been created by the public through a web map. This will provide visitors with personal experiences as they drive through an area and expose them to plenty of local information not currently available with in-car entertainment or satnav technologies. With its patent currently pending, CarSafari will be piloted in Ireland in 2014 and rolled out globally by 2015.