Alessandro di Felice, Mirko Antonini, Corrado Cervellati

The CATOS project aims to resolve the lack of authenticated GNSS positioning in the field of Localisation Based Services (LBS). With authenticated position, SpaceEXE is working towards an effective solution based on integrated usage of GNSS (GPS, GALILEO, and EGNOS) that involves aspects of security, safety, and certification. The growing number of services available for mobile users in the emerging field of safety, security, and pay-per-use services need new ways to authenticate positioning information. This is especially true when such services involve the monitoring of convicts who are under house arrest or other restrictive measures and are thus forbidden from approaching certain areas or people. Here, CATOS is designed to reduce the possibility of fraudulent attacks aimed at altering positioning information obtained by GNSS. The main objective of CATOS is to build a reliable authentication system that ensures highly secure user positions by exploiting features of EGNOS/EDAS. This involves distributing complexity across the entire system and optimising the design of corresponding user equipment.