Lost cats are three times less likely to return than dogs, and statistics show they are highly likely to be killed by traffic. Cats are not only victims, however; they are also predators. Pet cats are the number-one human-caused threat to wildlife. So far, they have been involved in the extinction of 148 species.
CatSla offers safe and eco-friendly services to keep birds and other small animals safe, including protected species. The solution will tackle these problems and not only reduce the danger for protected species and small animals, but also help save cats’ lives. CatSla’s automatic system, which is based on Galileo localisation and data extraction, makes it possible for cats to avoid both dangerous areas and wildlife sanctuaries while causing no harm to cats or their environment.


“The winning idea is innovative and creative, it will become fundamental to save cats’ life. It mixes two important features: first it can be used as a common GNSS tracker sharing information about the cat‘s whereabouts and delivers information to the owner. Second and most important, the device has inbuilt maps that classify dangerous areas and wildlife sanctuaries. Via sounds the cat is gradually conditioned to avoid these areas. The solution has potential to enter quickly in the market.”
Valeria Catalano, Market Development Innovation Officer, European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA)


Maximilian Weiss, Tatjana Weiss, Björn Mattes