Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis, Jaromir Duzik, Daigo Wakabayashi

Smart City Messenger from is the world’s first true walkietalkie for smartphones. With it, messages can be broadcast to other people in your vicinity. Traditional walkie-talkies broadcast radio waves on a certain frequency; no additional network is required, but dedicated hardware is. These devices connect people simply because they are within the range of each other. Since almost everyone has a smartphone these days, mobile networks are sufficiently available, and mobile devices offer plenty of functions (maps, photos, GPS etc.), the logical next step is to bring Location-Based Broadcasting to smartphones and wearable devices. There are hundreds of use cases for Location-Based Broadcasting, from public safety to smart cities and generally connecting people in urban environments. With Smart City Messenger, volunteer workers, sports communities, neighbourhoods, and small businesses can reach members and customers in the immediate neighbourhood. The general market for Location-Based Services is expected to generate EUR 10 billion from consumers and advertisers by 2016.