Jung-Huang Liao

CITITOUR is an excellent tool for backpackers and other tourists, group tours, and professional touring guides. It integrates mobility, locality, touring, and Web 2.0. The CITITOUR device connects to the Web to download files from the CITIWEB website, but does not require an Internet connection while touring. As the traveller moves around, the appropriate voice files are be triggered to provide useful and interesting information relevant to particular areas or sites.

The website will offer a platform for users to upload, browse, and download voice files and exchange comments and feedback. Some files will be free to download; other files rated as higher in quality by users may involve a small fee. The most active and popular users can thus become paid employees of the content providers.

Target market
Any traveller is a potential user of this service. Professional tour guides can participate as both content providers and downloaders.

Customer benefits
For users, it is motivating and fun to make money while indulging their passion for travel and sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. Over time, users will add more and higher-quality content covering a wider range of tourist destinations and sites; this will make the service even more valuable and appealing.

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