Shadi El Abdallah, Michelle Abboud

The number of streetlights in the world is expected to grow to 352 million by 2025. LED and smart street lighting today represents a $63.5 billion market opportunity for providers. The ability to audit this infrastructure will thus be key in winning projects. Lighting audits are costly and time consuming: They require workers to collect GPS locations manually and identify the light types. This data is rarely complete, and obtaining it from municipalities is difficult. Using a drone-based platform, Skymetrix is developing a solution that will autonomously audit cities’ street lighting infrastructure. Imagery collected via drone-based sensors will be processed to instantly extract data on lighting infrastructure (GPS, lighting types). The data can then be used through a map-based interface providing analytical tools for evaluating project scenarios and generating business cases. The solution offers these benefits:
› Faster, less expensive lighting Audits
› Optimised identification, prioritisation, and pursuit of business opportunities for lighting Providers
› Map-based interface for evaluating business cases in the lighting sector
Skymetrix will thus revolutionise the auditing of city street lighting thanks to a combination of the latest UAV technology and a user-friendly interface.


The Expertise:
«The Challenge Winner enables cost-efficient street lighting audits with drones, substantiating the return on investment and energy savings generated by large lighting upgrade projects.»

Thomas Tanghe
Manager, SpaceTec Partners