Fabian de Ponte Müller, Jonathan Brembeck, Bernhard Kloiber

The Cooperative Road Damage Evasion Application is a novel safety application that enables a vehicle to locally circumnavigate road damage (e.g. potholes) detected by other vehicles. Through special on-board sensors, a vehicle can detect this type of hazard. The exact geographic location of thepothole is pinpointed using accurate positioning technology, such as EGNOS/Galileo, or differential correction data from a Road Side Unit (RSU).

To communicate the hazard to other road participants, the application uses vehicle-to-vehicle communication based on existing WAVE/DSRC standards. Suitable protocols are used to distribute the notification among vehicles in a predefined region. Vehicles featuring WAVE/DSRC communication equipment will receive the notifi cation and act appropriately, i.e. calculate an evasive manoeuvre, warn the driver through the vehicle’s human machine interface (HMI), or autonomously circumnavigate the pothole.