Che-Tsung Lin, Yun-Te Su

According to the statistics, over 332 billion coupons were distributed in the U.S. in 2010. Although traditional coupons are considered effective, they inevitably have some drawbacks, such as paper waste, unpredictable volumes of circulation, and non-customisable discount rates. Moreover, everyone can get coupons without making any effort. Geo-Coupon is an on-demand coupon app based on GNSS. It provides purpose-driven digital coupons according to predetermined rules, such as whether the user has visited branch stores for a limited duration. Consumers’ visits can be proved by executing Geo-Coupon, which verifi es where they have been.

This could also be synchronised not only to check in on Facebook, but also to promote branch stores visited via their social network. Once different goals are achieved by Geo-Coupon users, the corresponding reward – coupons in the form of QR (Quick Response) codes or bar codes with unique serial numbers – would be instantly available. Therefore, Geo-Coupon provides locationbased coupon-demanding strategies which benefit both chain stores and consumers.