In fighting the climate crisis, technologies that ensure forest health and the legality of timber are vital. 90% of tropical and 30% of global wood production is illicit, leading to deforestation and a loss of biodiversity. Beetle ForTech’s smart handheld and locationaware tagging device makes it possible to trace individual logs back to their exact original location. To do so, it applies specifically developed waste-free codes to logs at the harvest site. The unique code structure means logs can be cut multiple times without information loss. The device collects GNSS and environmental data for every single harvested tree, which is then encrypted and uploaded to a cloud system. The encoded logs are also read by industrial computer vision processors to ensure responsibly produced end-products. This in-situ tracing system is operated alongside an interconnected Earth observation tool developed by Beetle ForTech to monitor logging activities and forest health and validate the legal authenticity of timber.

Beetle ForTech
Matthias Sammer, Sebastian Vogler, Thi Phuong
Anh Nguyen, Koimé-Simon Kouacou