Luis Crespo, Antonio Alcayde, Simone Azzalin, Virginia Alcayde, Vicente Ferrer

Wildfires can have a devastating impact on a country’s population, economy, and environment. DANTE is an integrated low-cost solution for the early detection of forest fires that features advanced methods of reporting and managing fires. Its high-performance image processor is embedded into a low-cost hardware platform and integrated into a smart connectivity network. It provides an alarm system evaluating the risk of a fire, maps burnt areas, and guides firefighting operations in real time. The system can be integrated and managed remotely from emergency control rooms or from a smartphone. It then provides maps of active fires and precise geo-referenced coordinates of their sources. UAVs offer huge potential for monitoring and extinguishing operations in wildfire management. DANTE’s algorithm optimises the use of GNSS in drones with the following benefits:
› Better performance compared to current state-of-the-art technology
› Two to 15 times cheaper than alternative solutions on the market
› Suitable for both small and large territories
› Substantial potential savings in firefighting and reconstruction budgets
DANTE aims to be the first smart and interactive UAV navigator capable of automatically guiding drones in real time during firefighting and fire management operations.


The Expertise:
«DANTE: Simple, affordable, and effective system for wildfire early detection and management combining Smart Vision, GNSS and Copernicus Emergency Management data for automatic UAV guidance, keeping forests “one step ahead of fire.»

Armengol Torres
Manager, Intelligent Consulting