Benjamin Kawak

Precision viticulture assists farmers by procuring an alternative set of technologies and practices that provide data support to help winemakers optimise their yields. Precision viticulture provides solutions to winemakers’ common problems, such as workforce management, detection and mapping of anomalies, monitoring and tracking of plant diseases, and usage of chemical products. DeVine wants to combine the assets of two European satellite constellations, Galileo and Copernicus, to develop a multi-constellation, multi-frequency, and multi-sensor GNSS platform. These digital tools will assist European and international producers in their winemaking management at different scales: From global-scale vineyard production to macro-scale vine supervision and micro-scale plant treatment. Through DeVine, winemakers will gain precision in the interpretation of EO data, the technological capacity to detect, classify, and track plant diseases over time, and the ability to manage data and workers through a smart vineyard platform and the DeVine smartphone app. DeVine will have multiple impacts on viticulture, including in environmental, economic, technological, and societal terms.