Austin Cheng-Yun Tsai, Dr Tsung-Hsun Tsai, Amy Hsin-Yi Lai, Jasmine Cheng-Jin Tsai, Dr Frank Chee-Da Tsai

Industry amalgamation is the future trend in the Internet of Things (IoT). This proposed system will usher drones into the entertainment industry. Thanks to the declining cost of drones, it has become easier for the media industry to produce programmes with aerial images and even customise them to different target audiences. The system at hand uses drones to provide a bird’s-eye view for broadcast productions at festival events. At an affordable price, attendees can show off their personal close-ups during the broadcasting of an event. When a drone’s GNSS location matches that of a pre-registered individual in the crowd, it delivers content with customised close-ups for that particular person. Through social networking, individuals can invite their friends, mutual friends, or even followers to watch a given programme, which generates more viewers. This in turn not only increases audience adherence to the programme in question, but also results in further advertising revenue streams for the broadcasting media company and enables it to send its own context-aware ads to individual viewers based on their locations and interests.