The system developed by Truckscreenia is a real-time adaptive advertising tool that exploits GNSS positioning and artificial intelligence in combination with proprietary advanced georeferencing technology. The advertising devices are installed on trucks, vans, and buses to help advertisers target potential customers on roads and in cities. Advertisments can be targeted and adapted remotely thanks to GNSS-based localisation. The Truckscreenia devices also display public interest messages on highways, expressways, and urban roads. The data analytics service allows clients to measure and track views for each advertisement. It enables retargeting options, KPI measurement, and a wide range of other insights.
The Truckscreenia system also enables partner fleets to generate extra revenue in a new and easy way without altering their day-to-day operations, which makes the process more sustainable.

Truckscreenia Srl
Nicola Maio, Luciano Delmastro, Christian Furtschegger, Paolo Pinto,
Alessandro Pancani, Francesco Pancani, Matteo Bastianel