Ludovico De Cinti, Barbara Orsola, Iacopo Rossi

In recent times, monitoring and better understanding our environment has become much more than a purely academic issue.

Comprehending how and why our planet is changing might not only influence our daily lives, but also contribute – through a deeper awareness of the complex interactions between the dynamic systems we live in – to the brightness of our future. Starting from this assumption, DNGPSS has been conceived as a system for the study of large-scale emergent dynamics. It can be imagined as a swarm of GPS sensors for the monitoring and analysis of large chaotic systems such as atmospheric and oceanic currents, tectonic movements, and land/air/sea traffic.

Through unconventional use of a single processing unit separate from a high number of GPS receiver modules, a unique platform can be created for the collection of huge datasets on different complex and dynamic systems. Such datasets can then be utilised for the study, analysis, modelling and monitoring of atmospheric, oceanic and tectonic movements in the framework of the GMES initiative. In addition, the same system can be used as a powerful aid in land/air/sea traffic monitoring and management.

This concept’s potential fields of application range from educational and scientific purposes to navigation services (traffic forecasts), fleet management, logistics optimisation and pollution reduction. The data provided by DNGPSS can also be used to support meteorological forecasting and environmental and security issues, thus contributing to the development of more reliable early-warning systems.

This modular system can be deployed and utilised virtually anywhere in the world, as well as easily adapted to monitor different kinds of systems. Furthermore, by separating the expensive elaboration unit from the GPS modules – and taking advantage of the currently low cost of such modules – the system can leverage a great number of sensors to perform highly detailed analyses of dynamic phenomena.


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