Anthony Chisnall, Emma McNally, Arturs Karlovics, Jordan Docherty, Sam Gileeney, Jack Gooden

DriverNet is a logistics network and mobile app that connects any driver to any site by sharing information among drivers, driver management systems and customers. This results in lower emissions, better driver and customer experiences, and improved all-round performance. The DriverNet app bridges the service gap that has led 5 million commercial vehicle drivers in the UK to fall back on navigation services designed for cars and consumers. Due to the cost of specialist HGV satnav services, many drivers use Google Maps or Apple Maps on smartphones, or TomTom or Garmin devices. These services fail to do three major things:
Provide the advance delivery information drivers need, guide them to the correct “goods-in” delivery point, and notify customers before they arrive.
The DriverNet app is a plug-and-play service that provides all these services in one solution, along with additional advantages:
› Connects any driver to any customer or site in real time across a national logistics Network
› Easy access through the web or mobile devices
› Quick and easy registration of users After registering, users only have to upload their site profiles to get immediate access to a customerfacing app, which then connects them to any delivery in real time.


The Expertise:
«The UK winner, DriverNet, is award worthy as it uses GNSS to deliver value to the logistics industry in three key ways; it reduces injury and death, reduces costs incurred through damage, and reduces the CO2 emissions of idling vehicles.»

Matthew Edwards
Relationship Manager – Space Business Incubation, Science and Technology Facilities Council – ESA BIC Harwell