Robert Crone, Jim Rojer, Mara Bos

Drones for Work is a startup that aims to create safe, simple and cost-effective inspection and maintenance solutions by applying state-of-the-art control methodology to custom-designed drones. Maintenance drones require an extraordinary level of control that minimises path deflection due to gusts. A 70 km/h gust will push a current-generation drone off its path by a few metres, if it remains controllable at all. The technology behind Drones for Work uses both position and velocity data from GNSS to reduce this deflection to around 10 cm. To improve drone stability, the startup applies a modelbased control methodology that was originally developed for space applications and extended to be especially useful in unpredictable environments. Currently, Drones for Work is developing a drone platform that can carry a wide range of payloads up to 10 kg. The first application will be shortrange offshore package delivery. This is a solution for offshore construction companies, which face costly delays due to missing tools. In the future, a wide range of payloads can be developed with applications ranging from ultrasonic inspection to maintaining the leading edges of wind turbine blades.


The Expertise:
«Drones for Work addresses the challange of supply and maintenance of the sustainable off-shore wind energy market by means of a high tech drone with innovative control solutions that rely on the Galileo satellite navigation system.»

Bert Meijvogel
Senior Advisor Technology Transfer & Telecom, Netherlands Space Office (NSO)