Lukáš Brchl

With the UAV market rapidly expanding, UAVs will soon find their place in our everyday lives. It is more than clear that security measures will need to be established on an international level. In May 2019, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency approved a new regulation: (EU) 2019/947, which specifies rules concerning realtime UAV identification, airspace authorisation, and geofencing. Dronetag, a device attachable to any kind of UAV, is designed to comply with this regulation. Dronetag collects UAV position data from GNSS and shares it with a responsible legal authority via a 5G IoT cellular network. In addition, Dronetag expands the functionalities of any UAV, making it more competent and fun to fly. Dronetag will come in two versions: Dronetag Mini for UAV hobbyists, and Dronetag Pro for UAV professionals. Each will utilise Galileo authentication and encryption to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the transmitted data. The current European UAV market consists of five million unmanageable UAVs. With Dronetag, it is possible to coordinate them and make missions such as UAV rescue and goods delivery safe for the first time.