Pablo de Miguel and Rafael Olmedo

Every year, traffic accidents kill more than one million people in the world, representing one of the main causes of death in Europe.
Many of these accidents are caused by hazardous obstacles that appear on roads, such as a broken-down car, a slow or special transport vehicle, maintenance work on roads, or even vehicles involved in previous accidents.
In these scenarios, caution and hazard warning lights on vehicles and roads are crucial to alert other drivers to incidents, but are not enough under poor visibility conditions.
e-WARNING is a mature road security system that provides sufficient advance warning to any driver approaching hazardous circumstances.

The system works in real time and in any traffic scenario, alerting drivers and providing them information about the location and type of the danger presented on the road, even before the danger becomes visible.
The performance and application of the system are based on integrated navigation technologies and operation independent from communication infrastructures.

Target market
With e-WARNING’s reinforced warning and caution lights available on vehicles and road signs, every person subjected to the dangers of driving a vehicle or working on or near roads is a potential user of the system.

Customer benefit
The key benefits are in improved security on the roads and reduction of traffic congestions.
Further applications and benefits are possible considering the automation of the system, integration with vehicle electronic and safety systems and the reliable and accurate navigation information available, and other fields.

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