Dr Manfred Baumgärtner, Andreas Gareis, Hans Grünig, Frank Kiesewetter

ebuggy offers electric cars unrestricted mobility on motorways, with no range limitations. ebuggy is planning a network of ebuggy relay stations at which drivers of electric cars will be able to hitch up battery trailers. The prototype is finished and has proven effective. If required, an ebuggy battery trailer can be hitched up at an ebuggy relay station, enabling drivers to continue their journeys using the ebuggy’s energy. Upon arriving at the destination area, they can then drop off the ebuggy at the final service station. An ebuggy can also be exchanged whenever necessary on longer journeys, which makes unlimited ranges possible – and all within two minutes! ebuggy will enable the automotive industry to build reasonably priced electric vehicles with smaller batteries thanks to its support for longer distances. As a result, electric cars will become cheaper than vehicles with combustion engines, which will promote the rapid and dynamic establishment of e-mobility. ebuggy will use the GNSS system to manage the ebuggy trailer fleet on a global basis.