Aleš Filip

This application introduces a new way to reduce railway traffic management costs while improving safety on low-traffic lines using the EGNOS Safety-of-Life (SoL) service. It replaces balises (transponders used in absolute location referencing for trains) with virtual balises to reduce overall costs. This is a critical concept because it merges two large pan-European safety infrastructures: EGNOS/Galileo and the European Railway Traffic Management System. There has been a limited effort to merge EGNOS and ERTMS thus far because of the need to fulfil safety standards for electronic railway systems and the high safety integrity levels related to them. This new solution proposes that the EGNOS SoL service could be cross-accepted and certified for ERTMS via a “pre-existing” item in connection with the IEC 61508 and CENELEC EN 50129 safety standards. Furthermore, all the essential information regarding EGNOS that is required for its safe integration into the ERTMS virtual balise reader subsystem is to be included in the EGNOS Safety Manual (EN 50129/IEC 61508). This safety manual will be referred to in the overall Generic Safety Case. The latter is required for the virtual balise reader’s certification and safety approval.