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eVOTZ™ is an interactive, authenticated, private, and location-aware application that impacts society by leveraging the incredible growth of mobile devices – and the corresponding geo-location and mobile positioning services – to enable simple, trustworthy, and secure voting and polling.

eVOTZ presents near-infinite possibilities, ranging from government elections to stockholder proxies and other authorised response-based processes – all of them seamless and with verifiable results. The secure platform authenticates votes from any position-based mobile device. With the proliferation of location-based services around the world, the eVOTZ platform represents a dynamic improvement in these processes by extending the latest GNSS authentication and verification applications for trustworthy voting. This is accomplished by applying localisation in combination with other SIM card identification and security elements, transforming any mobile device into a secure voting, polling, and feedback machine.

With the secure eVOTZ mobile voting and polling solution, people can take the burgeoning power of technology, mobile connectivity, social media, and involvement to the next level to make an impact – in their own lives, communities, countries, businesses, governments … and throughout the world. With eVOTZ, people’s voices can truly be heard. By combining cloud computing, GPS location-based services, and SIM card technologies, eVOTZ transforms mobile devices into trustworthy voting machines for any election or SMS polling process.

eVOTZ aids activities ranging from election processes around the world to corporate governance measures in business and providing countless response- based election and polling areas with trustworthy results. The eVOTZ secure mobile platform represents an innovation beyond traditional voting and polling measures, showcasing geo-location capabilities that deliver a new mass-market solution for the greater social good. I n established environments, eVOTZ improves on paper-based voting processes with a sustainable and convenient mechanism for voicing opinions and being counted.

By leveraging the widespread adoption of mobile devices, eVOTZ addresses the voting, polling, and response-based needs of consumers, businesses, and governments to improve lives and empower millions. eVOTZ places social, business, and citizen impact back into the hands of the people in a convenient, secure, and easy way. eVOTZ is both scalable and extensible, allowing more people to get involved in a variety of environments – from communities to board rooms. eVOTZ makes voting and polling accessible and sustainable while reducing issues with corruption and accessibility by applying positioning verification technologies.

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