Óscar Moutinho, Ana Rodrigues, Miguel Rosmaninho, Eliana Vieira

Eye2Map Agriculture is based on the idea of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV s) guided by GNSS for precision agriculture. The project consists in gathering aerial data that will be useful to farmers and will increase their efficiency and profits simply by using the information gathered. Since traditional aerial data is very expensive, UAV s provide an affordable alternative solution that can reach a wider range of businesses. This presents the chance to provide them with new advanced technology and specialised data. Farming operations will thus be able to access land relief information, measurements of sunlight on soil, and significant statistics on health, growth, and vegetation. All of this data can be used in many ways, such as to indicate how healthy a crop is, how well it is growing, when the optimal harvest time has arrived, the direction in which groundwater is flowing, and what measures to take to redirect it as needed. Since the UAV s and cameras are equipped with GNSS receivers, Eye2Map Agriculture provides georeferenced data that can be mapped and delivered to the client on specific areas requiring resources and mobilisation.