Olivier Dinet, Przemys³aw Szurmak, Mateusz Koœlacz, Larissa Goethals

Faver is an app that brings the shareconomy to a new level by enabling a user who needs something from a certain location to obtain it remotely through another app user present in the area. Originally conceived as a research tool, Faver was meant to enable students to easily help each other out when a student from one university needed material from another student’s university library. However, more broadly – and with a sufficiently large user base – this smartphone app could enable users to obtain whatever they might need from a certain location through an app user present in the area (determined through natively supported GNSS, such as GPS and GLONASS). In exchange for their kindness, helpful users could be rewarded with Karma PointsTM that can be used to make their own requests or unlock extras in the app. Faver’s initial aim is to provide an app that is truly “by and for students” combining its research potential and other uses in everyday student life, e.g. finding out whether there are still free spots left in the library, etc. The end goal is to make favours the new commodity in today’s sharing economy while also making the world a friendlier place by rewarding kindness.