Jorge Querol, Adriano Camps

FENIX is an innovative solution designed to mitigate the effect of GNSS jammers, which compromise the reliability of GNSS devices. Despite legal regulations, the proliferation of jammers has increased the problem of radio-frequency interference. FENIX is a technology that was developed at UPC-BarcelonaTech based on pre-correlation signal processing techniques that allow for real-time reduction of any interference captured by the antenna while still remaining transparent to the receiver. FENIX targets GNSS applications that require a high level of reliability, mainly to give security to customers in the face of undesired and potentially fatal jammer interference. The aviation, maritime, and railway industries – as well as on-road applications such as high-value goods tracking or driverless vehicles – demand a solution that increases the integrity of GNSS signals under jamming conditions. FENIX integrates with all navigation systems based on Direct Spread Spectrum Signals (DSSS), including GPS, Galileo, Beidou, and the new version of GLONASS. Although these systems are diverse, they share several characteristics that allow for similar treatment in the presence of jamming signals.