First RESPonse is an emergency service project that aims to help citizens and health professionals in Italy deal with the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak.
The platform consists of a set of enhancements to the entire process of medical emergency response – from distress calls to the hospitalisation of patients. While emergency medical service vehicles currently receive updates via radio voice communications alone, First RESPonse vehicles will be equipped with a tablet device connected to the application that will provide crews with real-time information and updates regarding incidents. The application will also provide navigation services to the locations of incidents using GNSS positioning. This is especially useful when entire landscapes and traditional routes are disrupted during disasters. GINA believes that the implementation of its proposed improvements can accelerate the entire pre-medical resource chain by up to 20% thanks to a fluid workflow that will connect all the operators engaged in rescue operations.

GINA Software s. r. o.
Matěj Rašovský