Dr Saulius Rudys, Mantautas Rudys

GNSS/GSM-based tracking devices are well known as anti-theft solutions. However, there is a serious problem in placing security devices in ways that make them unrecognisable. It is very easy for thieves to identify GNSS/GSM tracking devices, as there is a small number of different solutions on the market. It is thus not a problem to take countermeasures against trackers, even for a low-level thief. To increase the security of bicycle tracking devices, it is necessary to develop imperceptible products and charging connectors. Two different types of antennas are proposed: one located at the end of the handlebar grip and the other in the bell. The realisation of these ideas will provide for fully unrecognisable and effective bicycle tracking devices. The grip-end antennas can be of two types:

  • An external metal grip-end cover antenna
  • An antenna covered by the rubber/plastic grip at the end of the handlebar

Due to the relatively large dimensions of bells and grip-ends, antennas can operate on both the GNSS and GSM bands. The devices will be charged through attachable magnetic cables.