Bastiaan Ober, John Wilde

The GNSS Performance Monitoring System (GPMS) is used by airports and governments to monitor and record GNSS signals in support of aviation operations. Recorded data can be used to investigate accidents, and real-time monitoring allows air traffic control to detect unavailability and alert users. As aviation becomes more and more dependent on GNSS positioning, the threats to GNSS must be better understood and mitigated. With the help of DLR experts, Integricom and DWI will further expand the system to develop state-of-the art ionospheric delay and scintillation models and detection capability for both unintentional and intentional jamming. The team will expand GPMS to monitor signals from all GNSS (including Galileo) and will also exploit these signals to further improve its ionospheric monitoring capabilities. GPMS is suitable for a wide range of applications in any area where interference threatens the availability of services or security. This includes domains such as maritime, communications, logistics, and military. It can use a dedicated receiver, but can also be integrated with existing receiver networks to collect, monitor, and analyse data from a wide range of sources.