Filipe Sousa, Luis Gomes

This project offers a new agenda concept that, based on the perception of the environment, can remind a person what needs to be done in the right time and place. GeoAgenda combines GNSS data and POI database information to provide reminders and warnings about what needs to be done when and where. For instance, if you need to buy milk, how can you set a reminder to alert you at the right moment? GeoAgenda will connect the act of purchasing milk with supermarkets and display a corresponding reminder to the user when he or she is near a supermarket location. GeoAgenda can also deal with meetings by, for example, alerting the participants to the delays others may be facing. Using GNSS signals and the Google Maps API, GeoAgenda can calculate the delays of each person (e.g. resulting from traffic jams) and allow the others to better manage their waiting time.