Fábio Rodrigo de Oliveira, Arlei Benedito Macedo, Gilberto Cugler, Alex Joci dos Santos, Reginaldo de Souza Oliveira

The Management System for Automotive Accidents with Hazardous Cargo – GeoCap was developed on behalf of the Basin Committee of the Ribeira de Iguape River and the Southern Coast of São Paulo State, Brazil, with funding from the FEHIDRO – State Fund for Water Resources. It consists of a Geographic Information System with a central computer module and mobile modules, operated in handheld computers. A database associates the sub-basins of the rivers with stretches of paved roads, archives of hazardous materials, as well as water extraction points in the sub-basins and their operators.

GeoCap makes it possible for the Situation Room of the Administration of Basin Water Resources (in the Department of Water and Electric Energy), to interact with people present on the site of a traffic accident.

The site of the accident is located via GPS; a GIS analysis of the database will identify any water extraction facilities at risk of contamination from the accident. Thus, the facilities’ operators can be informed immediately.